Monday, June 15, 2009

Crystal's Bridal Shower

Just a quick note before I go to my dress fitting. This is the first time i'll see my dress and try it on. I pray it fits!!! The wedding is on Saturday!

Here are a couple pictures from the shower yesterday. We set up the room with a beach theme. There were beach umbrellas and beach towels and sand buckets to hold the chips.
This is Crystal's good friend, and the one who introduced Andrew to Crystal, surprised her by flying in from Texas to attend the bridal shower.

We had a game and then Andrew shared a devotional from the bible. After that we had a Pampered Chef demonstration. Andrew and Crystal helped make these delicious chicken squares.

Then people ordered items off the wish list for Andrew and Crystal.
Ethan took a record nap during the shower. Here's Sherri seeing him again for the first time! I don't know who was happier.

Andrew and Crystal with the cake.
Opening Gifts

My sister, Ethan and I after the shower.

Here's Michelle and I with our boys. They are only one week apart in age.

Mrs. C and E!

Thanks for coming along to the shower! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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Brittany Ann said...

How fun! A little over two days till I'm there! Yay!