Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Today is Cinco de Mayo! And...

And my mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary!

Congratulations and we LOVE you!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo my sister in law Rachel prepared a delicious mexican dinner last night. We had tacos and torillia, salsa and fajitas! It was so good!

Want to learn a bit more about the holiday?
Here's what Wikipedia had to say...

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a regional holiday in Mexico, primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla, with some limited recognition in other parts of Mexico. The holiday commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely defeat of French forces at the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin.

While outnumbered, the Mexicans defeated a much better-equipped French army that had known no defeat for almost 50 years. However, Cinco de Mayo is not "an obligatory federal holiday" in Mexico, but rather a holiday that can be observed voluntarily.

While Cinco de Mayo has limited significance nationwide in Mexico, the date is observed in the United States and other locations around the world as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. However, a common misconception in the United States is that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day, which actually is September 16, the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico.

Or we could ask Carrie. She has first hand experiance today! What's it like in Mexico, Carrie?


Brittany Ann said...

30 years! That's very impressive!

Ruth said...

Hope your mum and dad have a good day. Thanks for the history lesson, I would have never know about Cinco de Mayo.

Carrie said...

Well..word on the street is that Cinco de Mayo is a nothing holiday. There are MANY holidays here in Mexico, from national holidays, to regional holidays, to religious holidays. I'm trying to think of a comparison, and my closest guess would be Groundhog Day (not the movie.) It's big in western Pennsylvania, acknowledged in the rest of Pennsylvania, and most of the US knows about it but doesn't celebrate it. Savvy? Hope that helps explain Cindo de Mayo! Love

Randi Troxell said...

30 yrs is awesome... kudos to them!!!!

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

WOW! 30 years is awesome!!