Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother

My mom is a wonderful mother. In honor of Mother's Day today (yesterday!) i thought i'd share some of my "mommy memories" and pictures.

This adorable little girl is my mom with one of her little brothers! She is the oldest of 6. Two of whom are in heaven, including little Joey who is in this picture.She grew up in Senegal West Africa as a missionary kid. My grandparents were some of the first missionaries to go to Senegal with New Tribes Mission.

My mom came back to the United States to go to college after finishing high school in Africa.

When she finished collage and went on to missionary training that is where she met my dad.

Her wedding day...

I love this picture of my mom with my big sister Crystal.

When my sister was a year old my mom and dad went to Senegal as missionaries. They spent a couple of years out in a remote tribal location. Imagine crossing this bridge to get there...

That's me on my daddy's shoulders.

My mom always made our birthdays so special. She would make us the greatest cakes! One that I remember very well is this doll cake! I thought it was the most amazing cake ever! She made it for my sister and I asked her to make it for me on my next birthday. She would invite some friends and decorate and it was always a fun time for us all.

This is my sister's birthday. With my little brother and I looking on from the left.

All the missionary kids went to a boarding school at that time. We would fly in the mission plane to spend 6 weeks at school and come home for two weeks. My mom kept us home for kindergarten and later we when we had to evacuate the school due to rebel activity in the area she home schooled us again.

This is my sister and I. I don't think i'd started school yet but I wanted to be doing whatever my big sister was doing so mom set me up with a "desk".

She is a great teacher. Both in school lessons and in life lessons.

Here we are in our house in Senegal. My little brother (who is over six feet tall now!) is sitting on my mom's lap. I was jealous of him when he began to push me off my mommy's lap when she was pregnant with him. I kept telling him "She was MY mommy first!" I was five. I got over it. =) He sent me the sweetest note yesterday wishing me a happy mother's day! I thought it was so thoughtful of him!

But back to my mom...

I remember walking to town in the mornings to get freshly baked bread for breakfast. It smelled so good that it was hard to wait until we got home to eat it. So my mom would break off the heal of the long loaf and we'd munch on that on the walk home.

And here she is this past March on her last birthday. Still as beautiful as ever!

A lot has changed but one thing that I know will always stay the same is my mom's love and care for us.

It has been so great to see her with our boys, her first grandchildren. They their grandma!

I've defiantly been blessed with a wonderful mother. I thank God for her!

I love you, Mom!


Becky K. said...

This is a very special post. I just know your Mom will treasure it!

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Your Momma is a special lady and I count her a dear and treasured sister and friend!

Aunt Deanna

Sherri said...

This was so wonderful. I really enjoyed reading about your Mom and looking at the pictures. We are blessed to have Godly women as our mothers aren't we? A lot of daughetrs can't say that these days. Blessings to you Mrs. Day...you are a gem!

Kristen said...

what a beautiful post!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, this is so beautiful! I love this! We do have such good mommies! I love that you have her wedding photos!