Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You learn something new everyday!

Ever since Nana brought the corn over last night Elijah has been asking for it. So i heated it up for his lunch today. And as I was unwrapping it I noticed something. Notice the country of origin...

Senegal! The African country of my birth!

I had no idea that they exported beautifully wrapped packages of corn on the cob for Marks & Spencer stores! The only corn I ever ate while in Senegal was tough field corn that my dad said was only good for feeding cows. My big sister and I thought it was delicious roasted over an open fire though!

But apparently from the sounds of munching and lip smacking coming from the kitchen Elijah thinks it's pretty good!

Who knew? Senegal exports more than just delicious peanuts.

What's something new that you learned today? Or recently?


Sherri said...

That is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

That is great, I had no idea that Sengal had amazing corn on the cob ;)

simplebeauty said...

Well I learned that you were born in Africa, so I learned something new :O)

May I be honest and let my public schooling show a bit... I didn't know that there was a Sengal until just this moment.


Mrs. Rabe said...


Randi Troxell said...

that is actually very cool! just wanted to say thnx for visiting me and hope you dont mind another follower .... i think i may stick around a bit!

R and R Stacy said...

How cool is that!

Rachel said...

I learnt that texting in order to appear disinterested while in a confined space with an irate cow who you are trying to give a shot of penicillin is not the best idea in the world. I think this is probably because cows are not familiar with mobile technology.