Saturday, April 25, 2009

My List of 8's

I wrote this yesterday and scheduled it to post today because we all have better things to do on a lovely Saturday than sit at the computer, right? So what is listed as "done yesterday" was actually done on Thursday. Now that we're all clear on that. =)

You all have probably seen this going around. I guess now it's my turn. I was tagged by Brittany to list 8 things...

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Getting my first cup of coffee in the morning
2. Spending time with Geoff on the weekends
3. Seeing my boys grow up together
4. Sleeping for longer than 5 hour stretches at a time
5. My sister's wedding
6. Taking Elijah to the park today with a friend (if it doesn't rain)
7. Dinner at the family's tonight
8. Heaven

8 Things I Did Yesterday -
1. Kissed my babies. (No need to get technical, they are both still my babies, ok?)
2. Prayed for Stellan, Kayleigh, my family, friends...
3. Had a visit with my sister in law
4. Made dinner
5. Read blogs
6. Baked cookies
7. Took some photos
8. Vacuumed the house

A rather boring list... well, kissing my kids and visiting with Rachel wasn't boring, or taking photos or reading your blogs. Ok, i guess it wasn't that bad now that I think about it! =)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Be a better mommy/wife
2. Be a professional photographer
3. Visit family in Scotland and the US. And Africa!
4. Go shopping
5. Go to the beach
6. Be like Jesus in every moment
7. Write better
8. Be less emotional =)

8 Shows I Watch:
I'm skipping this part. I don't have any shows i follow. We don't even have a TV. And now that we're over seas I can't watch them on the network websites either.

We like watching movies though.

8 Bloggers Who I Am Tagging To Do This (if you've already done it, or don't want to do it, just ignore me:)

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce to you a couple of real life friends with new blogs...

1. Donna is a friend from church and the one who took the boys and I to the park last week.
2. Karen is a friend in Florida who also started a blog recently called Green Onions.
4. Crystal
5. Carrie
6. Tracy
7. LeAnn
8. Alicia

And of course no post of mine would be complete with out a photo or two. =)

Here Elijah is enjoying the 3 minuet chocolate cake in a mug we made.


Brittany Ann said...

Those were perfect lists, Liss! So you! Just why I love you and admire you so much! I love that pic of the boys, too. I can't believe how much Little E is growing.

And don't worry! They will always be your babies, and you can still say you kissed your babies when they're all grown up and you kiss them!

Lauren said...

No, I'd love for you to stick around! :o) I'm always perplexed to discover that people find our lives interesting, but I'm delighted that you do! :o)

As far as "privatizing," I've run the gammut. I started out full-out public blog, not withholding any names, locations, photos, or anything. Then, I started to get antsy and made my blog entirely private, by invitation only. Then, partly because it grew to be a hassle for both me and my friends and family who read it, and partly because I want to share many things with whoever may be browsing by, I decided to privatize our names, remove personal and geographical identifying information, and go public again.

The thing about it is, I think, to keep it in perspective. If you're entirely public, it's not like you're blogging your address and credit card number, you know? If you're entirely private, then there may be people who would miss out on sharing and being blessed by your lives and experiences! :o) And frankly - as creepy as it sounds - no matter how hard I try to privatize our stuff, if someone reeeaaally wanted to find out where to find us, they probably could.

I did what I did because I tend to be a bit nervous and paranoid about things (watch too much Law & Order). But my family, friends, and random bloggers seem happy with the new setup! All our parents are content with the level of privacy we're pursuing currently (by not disclosing names, etc), and most of my friends and "readers" are happy because they can keep up with posts in their Google Reader again. :o)

Either way, no matter which you choose, I think you'll be fine. :o)

As far as three columns, I used the tips on Blogger Buster. Good luck, and hope to continue to see you around! :o)

Lauren said...

PS - your boys are precious! Love those curls!! My son had gorgeous curls forever, and now they're growing out. :o( sniff.

Carrie said...

Oo! I want to make chocolate cake in a cup! In three minutes! Please!