Friday, April 10, 2009

More Passport Photos

♥ My mother in law took me and the boys to Belfast yesterday to get their passport photos taken and to pick up the paper work to apply for their British passports.

I was proud of Elijah for standing so still for so long while the guy played with the camera. And Ethan's picture was so easy to take because they had a flat white bean bag to lay him on! Really nice!

We had to bring the paperwork home because Geoff has to be the one to countersign for them since he is the British citizen. Hopefully we'll get the forms filled out and take them back next week.

♥ Operation Underwear, a.k.a potty training, is coming along nicely. For the most part Big E is wearing his Bob the Builder underwear and using the potty and only wearing a diaper at night now. Finally! Some improvement! It makes things so much easier!

♥ A few weeks ago I entered this photo in a Spring Photo contest here. I just entered for fun, not thinking any more about it...

Elijah in front of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.

I was so excited to see my name listed as one of the three winners! I won a Seagate Free Agent Go. It's a small portable hard drive. But then I wondered if it was too good to be true and would it really be sent to me? It was! It's pink and I can't wait until June to pick it up in FL at my parents house. I take so many pictures and now I'll have an easy way of storing them and Geoff can't say i'm taking up all the memory space on our laptop! I think he's happy about that!

♥ It's Friday! Geoff's off tomorrow and plans on sleeping in. He's had a few late nights this week and he always gets up early so he's worn out and ready for the weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? Work? Play?


Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

Happy Easter! He is risen! Today we are going to do Easter eggs and going to Good Friday service. Saturday our church egg hunt. Sunday Easter service at church. Then my in-laws are coming for Easter dinner. My mom will also stop by on Easter Sunday too.

Mrs. Rabe said...

We are having a Good Friday service this evening. Tomorrow we will be dying eggs...I saw a great way to do them naturally...

Sunday is a "sunrise" service, breakfast with our church and then the regular services.

Have a blessed Easter Melissa!

ps - Elijah and Ethan look like they posed for "mug shots" rather than passport photos.

Melissa said...

Yes, they do look like mug shots, especially Elijah's! He wasn't allow to smile anyway.

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

HAHA I was gonna say they look like mug shots too!! Too funny.

Congrats on winning for the pic!! Its a great pic so I can see why!! :-)

THis weekend is going to be quite busy but definitely fun!! Today I am taking Cayden over to Ryan's school to "show him off." hehe TOmorrow is family stuff and SUnday too!! Ryans sister and her fiance are coming in to town, so we are looking forward to seeing them too!!

Brittany Ann said...

Love the little passport photos! And congrats! You are a wonderful photographer, and I'm glad someone else is recognizing it, besides all of us! Love you!

Sherri said...

YAY for the portable hard drive! You will love that!!! And it is pick, awesome! I am glad you won, the picture is fabulous! The passport pics are cute! :) I miss my boys... :(

simplebeauty said...

This weekend we are going to boil eggs and decorate them, go to an easter egg hunt for our little town (if it doesn't rain), take pictures because it's EASTER and go to church and have our own family Easter egg hunt and then have a yummy Easter dinner!!!

Have a good weekend in Ireland! God Bless you!!!

Donna said...

hi really good pics Elijah looks so serious well done on winning the hard drive. This weekend Ihave to work on sunday am but then am off for a few day missed you on sunday passed hope to see you this week

Becky K. said...

Congratulations on the winning photo! It is neat.

Our weekend looks a lot like the Rabe's except that we are hoping to make it to an auction on Saturday to look for building materials for our projects.

Lovely Chaos said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now stopping by yours-- what precious little boys you have there!!

Kelly said...

Congratulations on winning for your photo. It is a great photo. I love the three different and very obvious heights -- Elijah, the fence, and the lighthouse.

Our weekend looks a lot like the Rabes and the Keeney's but I am also hoping to see what we can do about getting our dishwasher repaired or replaced as well.

Happy Easter to you and your lovely family!