Monday, April 13, 2009

Country Roads

After visiting our friends Raymond, Rebecca and their new baby on Saturday we went for a drive around Strangford Lough.

We wound around the country on these back roads. Don't know what we would have done if we met another vehicle coming the other direction. It's fun though, you see a lot of the country side this way.

These roads will take you to some beautiful views...

And you'll meet the locals. Or at least their farm animals...

You might pass a thatched roof cottage like this one.
And you'll see lot of sheep and lambs in fields like this.It worth exploring those back roads once in a while, isn't it?

Now tell me what you'd find on your country roads.


Becky K. said...

Oh how very beautiful!

On the right back roads I could find all of these things...but I would never get the beautiful photos you did.

We don't have that many sheep, but there is a field of them that I used to pass taking the kids to
work and I loved seeing them.

I would love seeing the old buildings and all of that beautiful green scenery that you have, contrasted with the water.
Sigh...jealous here.

simplebeauty said...

Oh your back roads are story book-ish!! I love it! And your pictures look amazing!!!

On the back roads in the Flint Hills of Kansas you will find lots of moo cows!! A few old stone houses and a few old red barns, but lots of hills and moo cows!! Sometimes you will see a sheep and get really excited. :O)

Carrie said...

I WANT YOUR PICTURES. Did you edit them with the new thingy you downloaded? I couldn't get it for my mac. :-( I like it a lot!

Crystal said...

ohhh! I want to visit so so bad!!

Wolynski said...

Man, Ireland is stunning. I visited for 3 days once and fell in love. Lovely photos.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. Lovely to be around...wow
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Arija said...

Beautiful countryside,and it is as green as we expect Ireland to be. We are at the endof six years of drought and counting...dry and dysty with dead orchards and rsegardens. Lovely to heast my eyes on your greenery and beautiful photos.