Friday, March 27, 2009

We were talking...

... and Ethan laughed right out loud at me! How precious to hear! Totally made my day!
I just had to share!

Pictures to come of Ethan discovering his hand. So cute how he goes cross eyed while studying his hand in front of his face!

I'm on our old laptop and it won't read my cameras new memory card. For some reason Geoff has a password set on our new lap top and I can't remember it so i'll have to wait for him to get home before i can load my pictures.

Maybe i should go try it again... i was trying to remember it this morning before my cup of coffee and my brain wasn't in top shape yet. =)


Rachel said...

reckon Geoff will remember the password?!
Hope I get to hear Ethan laugh soon :)

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

Aw, that would make my day too!!!

Looking forward to the pics!!

Tracy said...

Aww! The first laugh how sweet!