Monday, March 02, 2009

Sunday Times

Yesterday was a really good day. It was March 1st, can you believe it!?

We went to my parents church in the morning. Geoff and I used to attend this church so we know every one and during the announcements they asked us to come up and introduce Ethan and share a little about our plans. It was good to see everyone there again.

After church we went to see a African family who lives right next to the church. They are from Senegal! The country I grew up in. They are a really sweet family and they wanted to meet my brother Andrew and see Ethan so we went over to say hello.

My brother was home for the day from bible school. It was nice to see him. It will probably be the last time we get to see him before we go back to Northern Ireland. He asked Geoff to make his favorite meal for him while he was here... curry!

Then we went our church for the evening service. It was a really good day.

Here are a couple pictures from our afternoon yesterday...

Elijah had a nice long talk with his Auntie Sherri on the phone. They had quite the conversation! He told her all about his fishing trip and that the fish are now in our freezer. He told her that Ethan was sleeping but that mommy wasn't allowed to sleep. He also told her his toe was dirty and that he needed to wash it. He wouldn't give me the phone back! Little chatter box! =)

Brittany, that's the shirt you got him for his birthday! It looks really nice on him. He wore it to church today. And Ethan's wearing the out fit from you too!


Brittany Ann said...

They are such handsome little men!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful Sunday! Ethan is getting bigger and such a sweet precious little one! Elijah what a cutie and I love the fact that he already loves talking on the phone!!!
Have a wonderful Monday my friend!!

Ruth said...

Lks like you had a really good Sunday. We hd an after church ralley last night, so was not home to late. The message was on love, courtship and marriage. the text was from 1 Pter ch 3 vs 1 - 7.

Any word about when yu will be coming back to NI

The Proud Auntie said...

:) All smiles from me...I love talking to my little nephew. We have great chats! Now, we will teach him "Skype!"

Becky K. said...

What a great sounding day!

The pictures of the boys are priceless!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, and what adorable pictures!