Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful Beach Evening

What a beautiful evening we had Tuesday night!

My mom, sister, the boys and I went to see the light house in Ponce Inlet and then to the beach. We had fun taking pictures of Ethan's first trip to the beach. He wasn't too impressed because he slept through most of it. Which is what I expected from him at seven weeks old. =) It will be fun when the two boys can play together at the beach.

Elijah had fun playing in the sand. He had the whole entire beach to himself to dig in and he spent most of his energy reaching under the boardwalk steps to dig out the sand from under them! There was hardly any body there. It was so nice.

The sun set behind us as the moon rose over the ocean in front of us! It was so pretty to see the moon reflecting on the water as it rose! The breeze was soft, cool and smelled like salt and sand. It was so peaceful! I wish I could have captured it on film but there is just no way the camera could have done it justice. These are the Florida moments i'm going to miss!

The Lighthouse at Sunset


Becky K. said...

Your pictures are sooooo good!

Making memories....I am glad you are getting this time with your Mom. It is special.

Elijah's boots are great!

Mrs. Rabe said...

I noticed his boots too! At least he can keep them on now!

The pictures are wonderful...your mama is going to miss you - at least she will be busy planning Crystals' wedding and then you will be home again for the wedding.

I think the Gills will wonder, when you head to Florida for another wedding, when you'll get back to N.Ireland again! Poor things - they have to be just dying to hold Ethan and love on Elijah!

Ruth said...

lovely pictures. Am sure it was nice to make these memories with your mum.

Ruth said...

lovely pictures. Am sure it was nice to make these memories with your mum.

Anonymous said...

These are such sweet sweet pictures! I love the one with you lifting up Ethan!

R and R Stacy said...

great pictures!! I noticed the boots too - to CUTE!

Sherri said...

The pictures are fantastic!!! And Ethan's comment in the 2nd one from below should be..."What is the big deal with this thing called the beach!!!"

Brittany Ann said...

How! What great photos of you three! And I love the one with your mom! So special! (And I've got news for you...Florida's going to miss you, too!)

simplebeauty said...

That looks like a perfect afternoon!

Alicia said...

Great pics!! I love the one of you holding Ethan up!! Glad you had so much fun at the beach...I LOVE sunsets at the beach and a lighthouse too?! How fun for you all!