Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday Video and Update

My sister in law sent this over this morning for Elijah.

Thanks Rachel! Elijah loves his birthday video!

Elijah has been looking forward to his birthday all week! He keeps saying, "I want my birthday" and "I want to see my birthday". Like it's something we can give him. =)

My Grammy is coming for his birthday dinner and dessert tonight and we'll let him open some gifts. But his big party is being planned by the master planners Sherri and Brittany for the 21st.

Here's an update on the passport situation.
I already have my visa and passport so now we're just working on Ethan's.
We received Ethan's birth certificate yesterday. That was actually kind of fast. We did pay a bit extra to have it rushed to us. Now we can apply for his passport. we have an appointment tomorrow at the Post Office to have that taken care of. Today we are taking him to get his passport photo taken. Should be interesting. The people are very picky about passport photos meeting the requirements. One of which is nothing in the background. But he's too little to hold his head up on his own so there's bound to be our hand or fingers showing as we help hold him up.

I read online that the current processing times right now for passports is three weeks.

Well, we're off to get his pictures taken and get ice cream for dessert tonight to go with the fresh strawberries my mom got at the Farmer's Market this morning.

Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

That was the sweetest video!!Happy Birthday Elijah! Have fun with the passports ;)

Ruth said...

cool video and again happy birthday Elijah. hope all goes well with the passport phto tomorrow.

Mrs. Rabe said...

Rachel is such a fun Auntie - you can tell!

Thanks for the update on your passports....praying...

Anonymous said...


What a great video your Auntie sent you!! You have the BEST day ever!!

((((HUGS))) Miss Paula

Rachel said...

Hey Elijah
Have fun, and enjoy your party when it arrives...remember - birthdays mean you can eat all the chocolate and cake you want.

The Bailie Clan said...

ash had her passport pic taken at like one month old... just put a white blanket behind her in her carseat, and she was sat up enough for them to let it pass..try that!

Sherri said...

I love the video! Great job Rachel!!!! E, hope your day was full of fun and ice cream!!! Love you!

Crystal said...


I praise the Lord I was able to visit!! what a blessing it has been to my heart to see you smile and hear that contagious laugh!

Melissa, great to see you! It's been nice to hold Ethan once again. blessings
Good job on the video Rachel =)