Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas at the Y

A while back the YMCA had a christmas event for the kids. There were games, food, a giant bouncy castle and slide and other fun stuff for the kids.

We stood in one of the game lines so Elijah could throw the ball through the hoop but when it was our turn he got shy and wouldn't throw the ball! But when it was his turn to go in the bouncy castle/slide he climbed right in with all the other crazy kids, charged right up the stairs and threw himself down the slide! He slid down quite a few times and we had a hard time catching him before he was half way up the stairs again.

Here's Elijah enjoying his first snow cone!
Auntie Sherri's experiment... how many helium balloons will it take to lift Elijah off the ground?
We still haven't found the answer to that question. =)

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Anonymous said...

Elijah that looks like you are having lots of fun on that slide. Ruth