Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week 37

Almost there! Less than three weeks to go, hopefully! I'm ready to hold this little one in my arms now. And i'm getting really uncomfortable! My feet started swelling on Christmas day... i no longer have any ankles. =) I've loved being pregnant but i'm looking forward to actually meeting our little addition.

Geoff and I are going down for another visit to the midwife on Wednesday.

Sorry, no names picked out yet. We've got a couple we're talking about but still waiting for one to feel exactly right.

If you are a parent... how did you decide on the names for your kids? It's fun to hear how people come up with the names so please share, we want to know. =)

"You are considered full-term now and your baby's final touches are being made. The crown-to-rump length of your baby is now 14 inches and the total length is around 21 inches. Your baby weighs approximately 6.5 pounds. Your uterus may be measuring about the same as it has been and is probably about 6.5 inches from the top of your bellybutton.

This week your baby should engage into your pelvis. If this is not your first pregnancy, it may happen later. When your baby engages, his head drops down into your pelvis and you might feel a slight sensation called `lightening` as the pressure on your ribs eases. As your baby drops into the final position for delivery, you may experience a buzzing feeling and shooting pains in your groin and leg. Normally, you will be able to breathe and eat easier. However, your uterus pushes down harder on your bladder and you will have an increased urge to urinate more frequently. Even if your baby engages now, you still possibly feel his feet in your breastbone around week 40.

Your baby is now fully mature and ready to be born. However, your baby is still growing and developing every day. Fat is still being laid down at a rate of a half ounce a day. If this is your first pregnancy, you can expect to deliver closer to 40 weeks or shortly thereafter. If this is not your first baby, you might go earlier than 40 weeks! Make sure that your bags are packed for the hospital and remember to preregister for admission."


Rachel said...

Mosetta right. Mosetta is totally in the running :P

Becky K. said...

Our Poor Mikey! We had names chosen but when he was born he did not look like the boy name. So...he went 24 hours without a name. Finally the nurses said they had to have a name for the birth certificate so we decided on Michael Christopher.

Jonathan and David seemed to go together since the Biblical David and Jonathan were such dear friends.

Chelsea Lynne just felt right and we named her when I knew I was having issues and was going to have to be very careful or the pregnancy would not go full term. I bonded with her and felt like I knew her well before she was born through the many, many ultrasounds and hours when I could do nothing but attempt to stay healthy enough for a good delivery.

Blessings on all of you.

Mrs. Rabe said...

I always start to think about a name almost right away. Over time I try to get Uncle Tim to give some imput...he usually likes to give ridiculous names! He is such a tease!

It just really seems like the Lord brings us to the name of our kids...and that they and their name really fit!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh and I should tell you - I have been thinking girl all along through this pregnancy, but this past week in talking about what you need to do paperwork wise before you head back to N. Ireland, I have said "the boys". Curious!

Sherri said...

I have no advice on names, but I just wanted to point out that the statistics say that you will be peeing EVEN MORE now!!!! AHHH!!! Can't wait to meet the new lil one!

Alicia said...

Thats so exciting to be considered full term!!! I have been swelling too...I have mild cankles...LOL! You look great!!

When my mom was pregnant with my sister my parents asked me what name I liked (they probably had two picked)and I said Cara.....and so it is!

I am glad you have enjoyed your pregnancy...I am not so sure I "love" it like some people do. There are some things I absolutely love (feeling baby kick, etc)so I think I just need to cling on to the things I actually enjoy rather than feeling like crud a lot of the time!!

Anonymous said...

The baby is coming the baby is coming!! The wee one will be here anytime the post says!! I cannot wait. Between you and Alicia this is an exciting time!! It is relly a surprise when you don't know what the baby is!!

I hope you have someone ready to post the news for you in case you can't get the computer!!

phil and shell said...

We've always been big into meanings of names - "Nadia" means hope, and the other names we had in the running were meaningful too - The decision came down to this: We made a bet. I lost. Her name is Nadia. :0) Can't wait to see your little one.

phil and shell said...

We've always been big into meanings of names - "Nadia" means hope, and the other names we had in the running were meaningful too - The decision came down to this: We made a bet. I lost. Her name is Nadia. :0) Can't wait to see your little one.

Karen said...

Remember.....Mosetta! LOL!