Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm So Blessed

Where do I start? I'm so blessed with a wonderful family and circle of friends who enrich my life in so many ways!

It's been a wonderfully crazy full couple of days! I'll post pictures and write more about it all later but for now here is a quick update.

First of all...

Happy Birthday to my Uncle Tim! We love you!

(Uncle Tim with his family)

Then this past weekend we got to take Elijah to Disney World in Orlando. He loved all the Christmas lights! It was a great day. More about that later.

(Me, Brittany, Elijah, Sherri and Katie)

The highlight of our week was Monday. Geoff arrived safely on Monday night. I took my camera to the airport so i could get Elijah's reaction to seeing his daddy but I discovered at the airport that my memory card was still in the back of the computer at home! So no pictures from that. But Elijah was so excited. He couldn't stand still while we were waiting. When Geoff came out Elijah ran and gave hime a huge hug and didn't let go for a few minuets. I had to wait for my hug! =) We're happy Geoff is here! Now Christmas can come!

Last night we got together with some good friends and exchanged gifts. Then we went out to dinner and went to see a movie. More fun times! And more pictures to come! =)

(Elijah giving Brittany her gift.)

I hope you all have a very merry and special Christmas with your family and friends. We have so much to be thankful for.

I'm off to make Buckeyes and cookies for our family get together tonight!

Merry Christmas to each of you!


Becky K. said...

I am so happy that your Geoff has arrived safely. Makes me teary to think of how happy you must have been to see him.

Our family was bowling with the Rabe family this morning and your Uncle Tim had some very nice games!

Merry Christmas!

Alicia said...

I am so happy your hubby is with you now!! What a time you have been through!! Now....we wait to see you little baby!!!

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas Melissa and Elijah!!!