Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We Miss You, Daddy!

We LOVE you and MISS you, Geoff!

These pictures were taken right before we took Geoff to the airport last week.

It was hard for Elijah to understand why only Daddy was leaving on the airplane. It was hard to say goodbye and watch my dear husband walk off with out us! I could tell Elijah didn't want to say goodbye to his daddy either. After we dropped Geoff off and we were driving home Elijah kept saying "I want Daddy" and I kept telling that I wanted daddy too!

Thankfully we get to talk to each other every day on Skype and we have web cams so we can see him too! Poor Elijah is getting a little confused just seeing his daddy's face on the computer because the other day i asked him where daddy was and he said daddy was in the computer!

We're doing what we can to get the visa through faster but there's still no word on how long it will be. And I can't leave the country with out my passport. That's the hard part just not knowing how long it's going to take and not knowing how to plan things.

I hope you all are having a good week.
<><, Melissa


Alicia said...

Poor you and poor Elijah!! I know it must be hard for him to comprehend. And for you, thats tough without a hubby right by you! Hang in there!! So without these visa's there is no way you can go over there with a passport??

Kelly said...

Oh, Melissa, I'm so sorry. It's got to be so hard to try to explain to Elijah, especially when you miss Geoff too. I will be praying for you.

Becky K. said...

I can't imagine how you must feel with the baby on the way and everything. I love these pictures. They are priceless. I also love the technology that allows your family to stay connected. Not the same as a big old bear hug...but better than snail mail!

Take care...

Becky K.