Monday, November 03, 2008

This is Andrew, my sister Crystal's friend. He came to visit and met the family last weekend. He was really great with Elijah and Elijah had a lot of fun with him. Andy and Crystal pushed him around on a bike, blew bubbles and took him on walks.

Blowing bubbles... one of his favorite things!

Elijah fell asleep sitting on Andy's shoulders while on a walk and Andy had to carry him all the way home.

Andy drew Elijah his own coloring book and gave him a box of crayons. I thought that was really thoughtful of him. How cool to be able to draw your own coloring books! =) Here they are coloring together.


Kelly said...

Looks like Elijah had a great time.
Wow, Andy draws coloring books?! That's cool!

By the way, I'm back online and blogging.

Crystal said...

Great post! Cute pics I miss you two! OXOXOX for baby gill & Elijah