Saturday, November 01, 2008

Part 2: Thursday

On Thursday (the 23rd), the day before the wedding, I went home to pick up my guys. Geoff spent the day with Jesse, Sherri's husband and Elijah hung out with us girls all afternoon until the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. =) By the time Elijah and I rejoined the rest of the girls, they had all gotten their nails done and were getting lunch. It was fun to see Elijah with his adopted Aunties again.

Brittany and Elijah
We tried sending Elijah through the bathroom window when we got locked out of Sherri's house but he wouldn't do it. =) So Sherri had to climb through herself.

Elijah meeting one of Sherri's new kittens.
Brittany had bought her two ring bearers t-shirts that said:

"Occupation: Bling Bearer
Job Description:
1. Suit Up
2. Guard the Bling
3. Rock down the isle
4.Eat cake
5. Slow dance with the bridesmaids
6. Break dance
7. Pass out under the table"

Rehearsal Dinner:

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