Sunday, October 12, 2008

Praise the Lord!

Emily Grace

My life long friend Esther had a beautiful baby girl last week! I wish I could visit so I could pick her up and kiss her sweet little face! Or just sit and stare at her all day. =) Which is what i'm sure her mommy, daddy and big sisters want to do too!
These pictures are from her website. Click here to visit!

The Grandparents (mom I thought you'd like to see Uncle Ken and Aunt Kathy :)


Anonymous said...

What a little beauty and look at all of that blonde hair.

Mrs. Rabe said...

What a precious baby! I think I say that about all babies!

Lindsay had a full head of hair when she was born - but not as much as that baby! And so blonde!

So sweet!

Alicia said...

So sweet!! Wow, I am amazed by the blonde hair too!

Ashlee Joann said...

i was wondering when you were going to post this. :)

Sherri said...

She is beautiful!!!!!!!

Becky K. said...

So sweet!

You are in such a fun stage of life
right now...babies and friends and friend's babies...enjoy!

Becky K.

Crystal said...

Look at the hair! You'd think she has been to the salon already & had it frosted!!

Mrs. Rabe said...


I hope you are well, I wanted to let you know I tagged you!

Aunt Deanna

Kelly said...

What a precious baby -- I can't get over all of her light hair! I don't remember ever seeing a baby with such light hair.

By the way, I tagged you. See my blog for more details. Your Aunt Deanna started this when she was tagged by a new blogging friend.