Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Family Time

Granny and Rachel (it was a bit cold!)
Elijah and Nana
We had a family BBQ one beautiful evening. It was a lovely but cold night. But that didn't stop us from enjoying our dinner outside or the time with each other.

I'm so blessed to have to have two wonderful families... one on each side of the Atlantic!


Lori said...

Yup, you are very blessed!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great time for you and your family! The scenery is beautiful.

Mrs. Rabe said...

Doesn't she look just like an Irish Granny! How wonderful for Elijah to have 3 generations looking out for him!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a great picture with Elijah!! I clicked on it to see it really big. Can you explain to us what is actually behind Elijah? What body of water and cities are in the distance???