Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can I Trust Him in ALL Things?

"We are constantly ensnared by looking at secondary causes; we do not realize God in everything. Were we more alive to the fact that there is not an event which happens to us, from morning to night, in which the voice of our Father may not be heard, His hand seen, with what a blessed atmosphere would it surround us! Man and circumstances would then be received as so many agents and instruments in our Father's hand; so many ingredients in His cup for us. Thus would our minds be solemnized, our spirits calmed, our hearts subdued." -C.A.C. (from None But The Hungry Heart by Miles Stanford)

We've had a change of plans. Instead of being back in Northern Ireland today I'm posting this from the USA side of the Atlantic ocean. Remember how I had to apply for a UK visa the first day we got back to Florida? Well, i had to send my passport away with the application to Chicago. We had the understanding that it would take less than two weeks to get an answer back. Apparently we were misinformed since my
passport and visa have not come back yet. We were hoping and praying till the last minuet that it would come in so that I could go back to Northern Ireland with my family. When we found out that it may take longer than a few weeks for it to come back we decided that Elijah would stay here in FL with me. Geoff had to get back to work and also to some other commitments he has over in Northern Ireland so he left yesterday as planned. What a sad day. =( It felt so wrong to be sending my dear husband off and not to be going with him. Elijah and I are going to miss him SO much! But he's going to try to get the visa situation moving from his end. So hopefully we'll be back together soon. The hard part is just not knowing how long it will take.
Like the quote above reminds me, God is in control. I can look at this situation and stress and worry about it or i can trust that He will work all things for our good if we trust Him. I'm going to chose to trust my Lord.


Crystal said...

I'm fighting tears here as I read your post You are in my thoughts & prayers!!!!!

What a testimony you can be to other, through all this!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Melissa, God is in everything from morning to night! Rest in this and know he will surround you in His arms and bless you right where you are!

Anonymous said...

Melissa sorry to hear that you are still in the US. But will pray that this get sorte out soon. Missing being able to call you up and chat. Move house on Thursday.

Ruth I can do all things through Christ how strengtenth me.

Alicia said...

I am so sorry to hear this Melissa!! That is a bummer and you are right its hard not knowing how long things will take. I am with you on sending your hubby without you two....but you are right, God is in control and He is in everything!!

Becky K. said...

I truly hope and pray things move quickly for you. That is a bummer!

Make the most of it and enjoy your family and friends while you are here.

Becky K.

Brittany said...

Hey Liss. We just got back, and heard the news. You are being so strong, brave and faithful. I know being away from Geoff must be super-hard.

We love you, and we're praying for you every night!

If you need a weekend escape, feel free to come visit us up here. (I could use the company re-do-ing the house. Combining His, Mine, and Ours [Love the wedding gifts, but where am I going to put them all?] is a bit daunting! Plus, we'd love to see you anytime we can!)
Love you!

P.S. Miss you, too, E!