Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy Week

This is a busy week for us. Apart from the usual Tuesday night prayer meeting and Friday night young people's meeting, there is a children's mission going on every night. Elijah has enjoyed them. His favorite story so far has been Jonah and the big fish. When we got home after the meeting and were getting ready for bed, he started talking about a "man in" a "big fish". =) He was listening!

This weekend Geoff is driving the bus to pick up the kids in the neighborhood for Sunday school. Then I'm in charge of doing the review bible quiz for the kids in Sunday school. We're learning about Gideon and his 300 men defeating the Mideonites.
After the evening service Geoff is sharing his testimony at a young people's rally at another church.

This afternoon a friend from church is bringing her little boy over to play with Elijah. We were planning on going taking the boys to the park but it's pouring rain right now.

My husband is going to need a hot cup of tea or coffee soon, he's outside right now cutting the hedge in the rain! We love him, he's a good man. =)

So hopefully we'll have time to pack and get ready for our trip to Florida some time this weekend! We leave Monday morning! =)

But in spite of all that's going on there's been time to "stop and smell the roses". There's always time to stop and take pictures of the flowers...

This is a pear tree growing up the side of our house. They are almost ripe!


Anonymous said...

You are going to be extremely busy, but don't get to busy. Hope your hubby doesn't catch a cold from being out in the rain, Your pears looks really yummy I love pears. Have a great weekend and remember to stop and smell the roses :)

Crystal said...

wonderful pictures! Can't wait to see you all =)

Sherri said...

Bring me a pear!!!!!!!

ashley said...

Very beautiful pictures and I love the flowers. I wish I could taste a pear. LOL.. ;)