Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Scrambled Eggs Elijah's Way

I told Elijah we were going to make scrambled eggs.
So I got the eggs out and he pulled up a chair to help. He always likes to be right there in the middle of it all. (Unless some one more interesting than mommy is here, in that case he'd rather be off sword fighting with them.)
Anyway, I left the kitchen for a minuet to plug in the computer and when I came back my little helper had already gotten started without me! =) Apparently he thinks he can eat half a dozen eggs all on his own and really, why doesn't everyone leave the shells on? You'd get more calcium that way. =) teehee!

My big helper all proud smiles in the kitchen.
He'd stay in his jammies all day if we let him.
And yes, I've been letting him the past couple days.
I've found it's much easier to potty train with out any button or zippers to get in the way.

I hope you all are enjoying your day.
And if your bored, just ask a two year old to help you make an omelet. =) Have fun!


Mrs. Rabe said...

I love his new smile for pictures! So funny.

Alicia said...

So sweet! The new smile is just too cute! I am so glad that you let him help "cook"....they just love it and learn so much through it! I love how he makes his eggs too....it would be a whole lot easier that way!!

Crystal said...

Too Cute!!!! ROTFL!!!

Some of my favorite childhood memories are "helping" mom in the kitchen. That is wonderful that you allow him to help out. Your a fun mommy!

Sherri said...

That's my little nephew!!! Helping Momma out in the kitchen!!!! I love his new little smile as well! :)

E-mail me a time we can chat!

Tracy's corner said...

What a cutie pie!! Such a cute smile!