Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Granny!

Granny Hutton turns 83 today!

We're so thankful that we get to be around this year and spend more time with her. We like going out for coffee together and walking around the shops. That's what we did today. Geoff, Elijah and I took Granny out for lunch and then did some shopping.

Geoff is pretty close to his Granny. He's always looking out for her.
You can see the twinkle in both of their eyes in the picture below!

As for my post yesterday, let me explain. I was talking to my mother in law about it last night and realized that the Health Visitor sort of takes the place of regular check ups at the pediatricians. They come out and do check ups on the kids. She weighs them and charts their growth and makes sure the parents are taking good care of them. Yesterday though, it felt like we were on trial and she was looking for something to mark us up for. She was very sneaky in how she asked some of her questions. She said "so does Elijah have those two year old tantrums?" Of course we said "yes". "So how do you deal with them?", she asked. I don't think she would have liked to hear that we deal with them at all, so we gave her a vague answer that she would like and that's when she told us "they are normal, just try to ignore them." It was interesting because later on that very night at the prayer meeting at church we read 1 Samuel 3 where the Lord judges Eli for ignoring his sons sins and not disciplining them. It was a good reminder of how seriously God sees it. I realized again that obeying God is the most important thing.
In Florida we have a similar program called Healthy Start but it's optional. Like here it has nothing to do with the midwife, it's just a government program.
Rachel said that after the baby is born we can tell them that we have plenty of support and help and we don't need them to keep coming out. Hopefully that will work.
I hope you all are having a wonderful week.
PS. Both the pictures above were taken in December. I need to get my camera charged up again before i can take more pictures. But in order to charge it I need to get a plug converter, from US to UK.


Kelly said...

It must really be difficult getting used to living in a new country, and we Americans are very used to our freedoms which makes us defensive, I guess. I'm glad it shouldn't be as bad as you first thought. I wish you well.

I heard about your blog from Becky K. I'm the new blogger that she told you about. I really enjoy your blog and am having quite a good time playing around with mine.

Alicia said...

What cute pics! That is quite a change to experience for you, thanks for the clarification though!!

Alicia said...

Hey Melissa!! No problem on using the nurtured family thing! I can share!! :)