Saturday, May 03, 2008

Rachel's Visit

We had such a good time with Rachel last week. We were sad to see her go yesterday morning.
The night before she left I was telling Elijah that she had to go bye bye the next day and he started crying and ran round the house looking for her until he found her! Just a hunch but I think he likes her. =)
I put together a slide show of our week. You've already seen the rodeo pictures. These are from the rest of the week.


Mrs. Rabe said...

That was cute Melissa!

It is so hard to have beloved relatives visit and leave - poor Elijah!

On a funny note - I found an add in a magazine that showed a young "big brother" going potty on the toilet while the "little brother" was on a potty seat. I showed this to Kyle as motivation! We tore it out and put it on color paper and hung it on his bookcase. He says it is him and his cousin Elijah! It is so funny! He talks about Elijah - "he's two like me!" and holds up two fingers....sweet!

Becky K. said...

How much fun it would seem you packed into one week.

Thanks for sharing. You all look so happy!

Becky K.

Sherri said...

So glad to see you all had a wonderful visit. The last picture in the slide show of Geoff and her is so good! She will have to come more often!!!

Anonymous said...

As always another cute video!! I am glad you had a great time!!