Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time Flies


Can you believe it? My little brother graduates from high school next month! He asked me to take his senior pictures! I was thrilled! So yesterday he and I went out and shot some photos. It went really well and we both had a good time. Which is a minor miracle considering how we used to fight all the time! We had a good laugh about that yesterday and Andrew said "We've both matured." =)


In other news... Elijah had a check up on Tuesday. And to answer Aunt Deedee's question, He's over 35 inches tall and 29 pounds. He got a lolly pop and a sticker from the Doctor for being good. And a big kiss from mommy! I think he enjoyed the candy more! =)

We went back to the mall this morning to get more goodies at Bath and Body Works before the sale ends on Saturday but the store was closed for remodeling! Perfect timing on their part, that way they don't have to give away any more free stuff!

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good week. Yay! Tomorrow's Friday!


Anonymous said...

You? fighting with your brother?!?! I don't believe that! :)
Esther Clay

Mrs. Rabe said...

Great pictures Melissa!

He has really matured hasn't he?

I hope we are going to get one of those!

Mrs. Rabe said...
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Brent and Katy Bruns said...

Good job, you got the nack for pictures. Hay do you think Geoff would share his chicken curry recipe? I miss curry night. And I've been so hungry for it. Tell Geoff Happy Birthday tomorrow, Whats you all doing for the birthday? Well Sophia's getting fussy talk to you later, Love Katy

Alicia said...

You are such an awesome photographer Melissa!!! My sister is in HS and will be grad in two years...I know what you mean when you day time flies!!!

Becky K. said...

You did a great job with the senior pictures. Your brother looks great.
I know what you mean about maturing and seeing our siblings as nice adults. My brother turned out ok in spite of my attempts at mothering him...lol.

Becky K.

Alicia said...

Hi Melissa! You have been tagged, check out my blog!