Thursday, March 06, 2008

Catching Up

We've got a little catching up to do, don't we? It's been almost a week since my last post.

Last Saturday we went down to Orlando to have dinner with our good friends Sherri and Jesse. They had just gotten a puppy that day and she's so cute! Unfortunately I'd forgotten my camera so there's no pictures of Lilly the puppy or of the fire and Elijah enjoying his first s'more. You'll have to take my word for it that he enjoyed it! He knew where the bag of marshmallows was sitting so he would walk around the ring of people and sneak up to where the bag was and quietly take one.

Monday we had a fun visit to the mailbox. Three packages were waiting for us! One was from my grandma in New York. She had sent three beautiful hand towels she had knitted. One was from Commpassion International. They had sent me a scrapbook to put my letters and pictures from my sponsored child in. And the last one was from a friend sending some gluten free goodies for Geoff. One is a chocolate chip cookie mix that Elijah and I will have fun mixing up one of these days. Thank you Carrie! That was really thoughtful!
Also my sister came up from South Florida on Monday. She brought Elijah a t-shirt and big fish balloon. You'll see them in the slide show above. Thank you Crystal!

Tuesday we had a party to celebrate my mom's birthday at our house. We had a good time. She thought it was only going to be family here but some friends came and surprised her.

Wednesday came and my sister Elijah and I went down to visit a friend in the morning and then in the afternoon we drove to Daytona Beach and had a great time. It was sort of bad timing on our part as it is bike week. But Elijah loved seeing all the bikes and we had time to visit so we didn't mind the longer ride to the beach. Even though the roads were packed the beach wasn't that busy. It'd been six months since I'd been to the beach! I promised myself that it won't be that long again before we go back.

I put a slide show/video below of our afternoon yesterday.

Thursday is here and so is a yucky cold. Not feeling so well. That's why i'm sitting here at the computer making slide shows and videos instead of checking things off my to do list. I'm thankful there's nothing to urgent to get done today.

Those were just the highlights from this week for us. Hope you all are feeling good and having a great week!


Auntie Sherri said...

I have some great pictures from that night. I will have to send them to you on e-mail so you have them. Love ya!

Becky K. said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

I have seen that there has been some severe weather in FLA today. I think it is North of You? It doesn't look fun.

Loved the Beach Trip Slide show...as I sit here shivering...

Becky K.