Friday, February 15, 2008

What a day....

It's been one of those days that turned out way different than I'd imagined when I started out this morning.
About noon Geoff calls me and asked what our house number was.I told him and asked him why...
Geoff: "oh, i just need it for some paper work."
Me: "OK, why?"
Geoff: "something happened and they needed to know"
Me: "Geoff, what happened? Are you OK?"
Geoff: "I'm fine they just want to check and make sure"
Me: "Is Dave there?" I was hoping i could get a straight answer from Dave, Geoff's co worker. Finding out what happened from Geoff was like trying to get water from a rock! I know he was trying not to worry me but i made me more worried not knowing!
Geoff: "No, I'm on the ambulance."
Me: "AMBULANCE?!?!?"
That was about it, he told me what hospital they were taking him to and then his phone died.
I packed up Elijah and we met him at the hospital where I got the whole story from Evan, Geoff's boss.
They were working on a dead tree and when the went to pull one of the branches down it pulled the whole tree down with Geoff attached to it! The roots came up and everything, they were so dead. It's no body's fault. It was just an accident and we're thankful it wasn't worse.
He got x-rays and a cat scan done at the hospital and they came back all clear. Praise God! He has two stitches on his chin and some scratches and lots of bruises but we're pretty sure he'll live to see another day. He's pretty tough. =)
I asked Geoff is his life flashed before his eyes there when the tree was falling. He said no, there wasn't time. I'm trying not to picture what happened to much, it makes my heart drop. And of course you always think about what could have happened and that's scary. But you know, even if it had been worse God would still be in control and we would just keep trusting Him. I'm so thankful to our Lord for protecting my husband at work today and for alowing us to keep him around for a while longer.
Anyway, thanks for listening! I think I can sleep now. =)
I hope you all have a better start to your weekend!


Kristi said...

How scary! I'm so glad he was okay.

Anonymous said...

It's the little Miracles that God gives us to show us He loves us!!

So thankful that is wasn't worse and just minor. I would give him Ibuprofen, he may be sore tomorrow!!

Becky K. said...

Bless both of your hearts~
God was so merciful...to keep his injuries so minor.

Becky K.

Mrs. Rabe said...

Praise the Lord for His protection! Whew!

Sherri said...

Oh wow!!! Praise Go dhe is ok. Let me know if there is anything we can do.

by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

we're thinking of you both!!!!! what a scary event! i pray he heals quickly!