Friday, February 29, 2008

Congratulations Friends!

Those of you who knew Benjamin from Bible School will be happy to hear this.
He's met a girl named Wina at North Cotes and they are getting married on May 31st at her church in Germany. They plan on going back to North Cotes for her to do the CCC course and then they'll be off to Papua New Guinea as missionaries with NTM. Congratulation you two! We're happy for you both!

Some of you who are newer here might not know that I spent a year in North Cotes England at a New Tribes Mission bible school. That was where I met my husband, Geoff! He was taking the missionary training course while i was in the bible school. But that's story for another post. I should write out the whole story for you sometime, if you're interested that is.
I really miss friends from that year in bible school and I love hearing about where the Lord has led them since we said goodbye. It's a comfort to know that even though i have many friends spread out over the globe that we have a God that is with each one of us. He keeps us connected and someday we'll all meet up in Heaven and will have a big catching up party! =)

Also I want to say Congratulations to my good friend Esther who is
expecting! =) I just found out today and I'm so excited for her! Please keep her in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy for both of them. Her daughter and Elijah are like only a month apart in ages so wouldn't it be amazing if we both had our second children close again? Don't get excited, Crystal, Brittany and Sherri. I can see you now reading into that statement. I'm just saying that i'd be open to the idea. =)

Love you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Auntie Brittany said...

For the record, I, too, am open to the idea! And very excited about the idea, and desperately trying not to read into the whole thing, but secretly hoping and wishing and praying for a new little Gill to love!

And congrats, Esther! What wonderful news!

Crystal said...

I second that motion!! LOL

Melissa, good thing you clarified that ;) Your phone would have been ringing off the hook :P

Ester Congrats!!!!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Oooh how lovely! That is a delightful thing to be open too!

Congrats to Esther - I pray for health for her and the baby, and an easy pregnancy.

A little girly Gill would be so sweet, or another boy....

by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

woohoo! that's super news!


rachel said...

Personally, I think it's high time that I got another nephew/niece, not that I'm disputing with providence or reading into things.