Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 is Here!

I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year,
“Give me a light that I might go safely out into the darkness.”
And he replied, “Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God.
That shall be more to you than a light, and safer than a known way.”

M. L. Haskins
I want to wish you all a happy new year! I hope you are able to look forward to the coming year with joy and expectation.

I've been carded:

Miss Paula from Gathering of Friends has tagged me to share a wish list of five things that I'd like and then five spiritual things that I would like. So here goes.


1. Each player starts with 5 gifts that they would want for the New Year.

2. People who are “CARDED” need to write their own Blog about their 5 things & post these rules.

3. At the end of your Blog, you need to choose 5 people to get “CARDED” and list their names.

4. Don’t forget to leave them a COMMENT telling them they’re “CARDED”, and to read your Blog.

Materialistic List

A Dog

Go on a cruise

Our property cleared and fenced

A big desk to help organize my bills/office/papers

For a "home" church to be connected to and involved in



Wisdom as a mother

Discipline in my walk with God

Ability to reach out to people with encouragement and help.

To learn how to be a good help meet and encourager to my husband.

Here is who I am carding!!

Crystal from Crystal's Corner

Anna from Ashlee Joann

Esther from Savannah's Site

Jen from The View From Here


Becky K. said...

Too bad you are not here...we would welcome you with big open arms at our church!
I'll be praying that you find a home church to get involved with.

Becky K.

Mrs. Rabe said...

We can help you with the dog thing!

Anonymous said...

Dee's pups are cute!!!!

I love that all we have to do is put our hand and heart in God's hand and it will be more than enough to get us through this darkened world.

Alicia said...

Happy New Year to you!!! May it be a year full of blessings!