Monday, December 17, 2007

Northern Ireland

Thank you all for your kind comments wishing us a good trip. I'm happy to say that we are finally here in Ulster, a.k.a Northern Ireland!

Even though we had a direct flight from Orlando to Dublin and it was only 7 1/2 hours it felt like much longer! I was seriously praying for the airplane for fly faster or Elijah to fall asleep! It was an over night flight so i didn't think it would be a problem. I was expecting Elijah to sleep like he did last time... but no. He fought sleep tooth and nail! He finally fell asleep near the end of the flight and they asked us to sit him up for landing! Right, not going to happen! We still had 1/2 an hour or more before we would get off the plane. Would you have woken him up?
The nice thing was that the plane was half empty so we got four seats to ourselves.

It's so good to see the family again! Here is a picture of Rachel (my husbands sister) reading to Elijah yesterday evening. The label in the front of the book said that it was presented to Geoff for good attendance in a bible meeting way back in 1985! Geoff would have been 8 years old then and now his son is enjoying it. =)
We all went to bed early and slept well until Elijah woke up in the middle of the night and wouldn't got back to sleep. I brought him to bed and he lay between us for a while but still didn't fall asleep. Geoff ended up taking him down stairs to the kitchen and they had toast and tea at 2am. I went back to sleep until they came back and then Elijah went to sleep fine and would have slept all day apparently because we had to wake him up at 11 this morning!

We bundled up and went out side for a few minuets. Refreshing!

Elijah has enjoyed playing the piano. He looks at the sheet music and "plays" away! Then he looks back as us to get our applause! And if we don't clap he'll clap his hands for himself. =)
Mum Gill has the Christmas tree up and decorated with sparkly blue and silver balls, teddy bears, glass drops and rocking horses. It looked so inviting twinkling in the window when we arrived yesterday.

Geoff loves taking his Grannie out for coffee so that what we'll be doing this afternoon. I hear a mocha calling my name!

Bye for now,


Crystal said...

Praise the Lord you all arrived safely. Melissa, I’m so glad you included pictures of him playing the piano. Keep practicing Elijah! If you are starting this young I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like in a few years!!
Love to all

Becky K. said...

It is so cool to be able to "talk" to you across the pond.

Have a totally awesome visit and enjoy a mocha for me...they do funky things to my heart rythm.
I risk it when I get the chance...

Becky K.

by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

i was born in 1985!!!! hahahaha!

oh man! about the flight! that sucks! AND NO, I WOULD NOT HAVE TOUCHED MY CHILD - when asked to sit him up! YIKES!

totally awesome though, that you got four seats!!!!! :)

have a wonderful time! we'll have to catch up when you return!

p.s. if geoff knows of any electricians and a good tech school where you live, let us know! josh is interested....

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful countryside!! It looks like Elijah has adapted to the time change!! Please post more pictures...And tell us the different things you find!!