Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hi there,
I really shouldn't be taking the time to do this right now! =) I've got lots to do! But I wanted to share these pictures with you.
We are having an early Christmas with my family tonight since we will be leaving on Saturday for Northern Ireland. My sister is visiting for a few days from Tampa. Everyone is coming over here at 6:00. The dessert is ready and in the fridge. (cheesecake, you can see Elijah licking the beaters down below). Half the house is clean, just need to sweep and mop, set the table, make dinner and some other random stuff.
Here are a couple pictures of our little guy in his Christmas outfit...
At this point we didn't know Elijah was getting sick! This was right before he took his short nap. Then we got him up and took him to the DeBary Christmas parade. He got to be in the parade with the rest of us this time! He hung with his daddy off the side of the truck for a while. (I'll post a picture when we get it from Kelly) Then he helped Kelly drive the tractor the rest of the way. He was pretty grumpy but i thought it was because he was hot and tired. Once we got home and took his temp and he started throwing up I felt soo bad for dragging him out to the parade all afternoon. He's doing better now and is back to his perky little self.
No more parades! (until next year)
Here's Elijah helping me clean up the kitchen after we made cheese cake (from the box).
We put the filling in six little individual crusts and we'll top them with cherries or blueberries right before we eat them!



Becky K. said...

Elijah looks absolutely delighted with himself licking the beater.

Have a wonderful trip!

Becky K.

Crystal said...

Thank you for hosting the Day/Gill early Christmas =) Decorations were pretty. I always admire your creativity. Dinner & dessert were delicious… Memories made…looking fw to seeing the pics. When did you add the (WTC tribute) 9/11 “song” Wow!! at the beginning it gives you chills!! what a thought provoking message! Have fun in N Ireland you will be missed