Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh boy...

Hi all,
I'm learning how hard it is to do normal things (like addressing Christmas cards) with a toddler around!
Elijah did help me with one thing though... he helped me find my address book! He was playing out in the garage last night and knocked over a box of books that haven't been unpacked yet. As I was putting them back in the box there was my little address book! Just a reminder that little blessings can come out of accidents and mistakes!
So this morning I poured myself a nice cup of coffee and had all my Christmas cards out on the kitchen table and was addressing the envelopes. So far so good. Well, Elijah woke up and the cards were forgotten for the time being.
We were in our bedroom and Elijah drug out my flute case from the closet. I opened it up and showed him how to put it together and where to blow to get a sound and all that good stuff. Below you'll see a picture of how he thought it should be played... i see a clarinet player in our future! =) My poor flute has been rather ignored the last couple of years. So when we got it out this morning it was like being reintroduced to an old friend! Sorry, i know that was corny, but it's true! =) We then drug out some of my old sheet music and flute books and played a bit... realizing how out of shape I've gotten. I'd forgotten how fast your lips and fingers can get tired when you haven't practiced in a while. But anyway, back to the point. As i was playing away on some old band music i realize that Elijah is in the kitchen by himself and it's quiet... hmmm... not a good sign. I go check on him. He was standing on the chair by the table taking a drink of coffee from my mug and dripping it everywhere! Yes, all over my Christmas cards! Yikes! So if you receive a card from us and it looks like it has been through a war, you'll know why. Aah, life with a toddler. They're not actually that bad, i'm making it sound worse than it really is. Only the edges of some of the envelopes now have that vintage antique look. =)

Judging by the look on his face, Elijah thought it was very interesting.


Anonymous said...

I know I’ve told you before, Melissa, but you’ll here me say it again & again =) … I think you are so creative! Fellow blog readers that I talk to about your blog say the same thing, your writings are unique. They enjoy reading about and seeing Elijah’s adventures!! I look fw each time I go online to see if there are any new posts (:Crystal:)

by Ashlee & Her Mommee, said...

life with a toddler...

:P :)