Monday, October 08, 2007

October Memories

October 2006

Hey Everyone, Once in a while I like to go back and take a look through my pictures. This morning I went back to see what we did this month last year. It was fun to remind myself of all that had happened and to see the changes. In October 2006 we took a trip to Gainsville to visit my good friend Brittany for a weekend and had a great time!
Elijah and I participated in the Walk for Life to help raise funds for Grace House Pregnancy Resource Center. It's happening again this year (on Oct. 21) and we'll most likely be walking. Although Elijah is walking now he'll probably get to ride in the stroller like last year.
At the end of the month last year my grandma came down to Florida and celebrated her 80th birthday with us. We're so glad she did! We always have a fun time with her!
On one of the beautiful October days we had last year Geoff, Elijah and I went to the pumpkin patch and picked a couple perfect pumpkins to take home with us. It was so much fun! I think i had the most fun out of us all! Elijah will enjoy it more this year I'm sure. The other day i noticed that they are setting up a pumpkin patch here in Lake Helen so that's where we will probably go this year. Although last years place was set up really nice with lots of photo opportunities! So maybe we'll go back there. These are some of my favorite pictures from that day!
I think it's good to take a moment sometimes to look back and remind ourselves of all that has happened. It brings back so many good memories! And sometimes some not so good memories, but that's ok too because then we can see how much has changed and what the Lord has brought us through and we can thank Him for His grace. It's amazing to me to see all that has happened and to see God's presence with us. God is good and we are truly blessed!

Gainsville with Brittany
Elijah with his great grandma
Walk For Life

Thanks to you all for taking this little walk down memory lane with me! And thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. It means so much!


Katy Bruns said...

You are so good at keeping your bog up to date, I'll get better at it with time. I thought it would be easier than email at the moment. I got an email from Tabitha and her and Hans had another baby girl on September 6th, named Rebecca. Talk more later. ~Katy B

Becky K. said...

Just found your blog and love it.
I am just beginning to blog so have a lot to learn.
I hope to get to watch and listen to the video by Brad Buser. My Aunt and Uncle were missionaries in PNG and my parents took a trip over there to kick off the new Christian Radio station right before my Dad passed away in 2005.
We played a clip of him speaking there at his funeral. The people ofPNG are near and dear to our hearts.
Becky K. (Friend of Mrs. Rabe at Creekside Cottage)