Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fun With Grandad!

Goodmorning everyone, i've found a few quiet minuets here this morning so i'm taking advantage of them to post some of the pictures we took this weekend. Most of them are from our day out yesterday.

Hold on, i need to go get my delicious cup of morning coffee first. I think that will make this go smoother. I'll be right back... *sip Ahhh! That's better, i can feel my brain clearning now. =)

Ok back to pictures.

I'll probably have to do a slide show because i can't pick out only a few of my favorites!

Well, Blogger is having a problem uploading the pictures. Here's a few that loaded. Then the pumpking patch slide show below.

It looks like i need to get a few pictures of Elijah with his Nana now! I think i need to title this post "fun with grandpa"!


Mrs. Rabe said...

There is nothing like a boy and his grandda!

Mrs. Rabe said...
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