Wednesday, October 31, 2007

86 Years Ago...

Eighty Six years ago today my grandmother was born! And the world has never been the same since! =) She brings so much warmth and laughter to our lives and we all love her very much!
This morning my mom, Elijah and I took my Grammy out for breakfast to Gram's Kitchen. (it seemed fitting) Later at home she opened her gifts and we had English Afternoon tea and Scottish shortbread. Delish!

Has anyone seen Elijah? He's gone and there's this bright orange Tigger bouncing around the house...

Added Note on Nov. 3rd:
here to visit Creekside Cottage and read a little bit more about our wonderful Grammy!

On our way home Elijah and I stopped by the pumpkin patch here in town. They have been there for the past three weeks or so and today was their last day so we stopped by. We were also trying to stay out of the house for a little bit longer. There were some guys here today putting new/stronger windows in our house so we were trying to stay out of their way. Any excuse works for me to stop by the pumpkin patch again! I think Elijah enjoyed it too! We got some really fun shaped gourds... I think they look like swans. (see the last picture waaaay below) And the lady let him pick a free pumpkin.

Who needs shoes when you live in Florida?

Our beautiful swan gourds. =)

This picture was taken last month when my sister was visiting.

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Becky K. said...

Oh, the wonderful things about Tiggers..Tigger are wonderful things!
My Dad used to sing the Tigger song to us.
Your dear boy looks so precious in his costume.
Becky K.