Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

We've had such a good day today! We love spending the day at home! While he took a nap this morning I took the chance to straighten and clean the house a bit. Yesterday when I was sweeping I asked Elijah to bring me the little broom and dust pan. He ran to the kitchen and brought them back and handed them to me! My little helper!

I'm trying to concentrate on writing this with Steve Green's kids CD blaring away. I wish you could see Elijah is dancing along around the living room!!! I'll have to try to put a video of it on here sometime. It defiantly brightens my day! He's been really sweet today, giving lots of kisses.

Ok, these pictures are for mom. She'll be really happy to see Elijah enjoying his fresh veggies! Yum!


Ashlee's Mommee said...

okay..that's gross! hahahahaha...

your camera is awesome though! such nice pictures! crazy good!!!


Linda (Esther's sister) said...

Missy, you have an absolutely adorable little boy! Of course you already knew that, I know. :) He looks very much like you. Being a mom is awesome, isn't it?!