Monday, September 17, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese!

We celebrated two birthdays this weekend! On Saturday night we celebrated Joe's birthday at Chuck E Cheese! (you've met him in an earlier post). I think half the fun for Elijah was watching all the other kids run around. He sort of sat back and watched for a while before he joined in. He sat in this "ride" most of the time. Even when it wasn't moving he wanted to sit in it. Some of the other kids must have felt sorry for him because a couple of them put tokens in and started the ride for him!
He liked the game where you bop the sharks on the head when they pop up. And the rubber ducky game where you have to knock them over.
Here's Joseph opening up his birthday gifts. He turning six!

Then on Sunday we had a party for Beth! (a family friend) I'll post those pictures next time.

Here's a couple other pictures from the last few days...

Daddy has some big shoes to fill.
Bye for now! Thanks for visiting!

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