Saturday, September 22, 2007

Almost Fall

I love the fall season. Ok, I would love it even more if we lived up north where the real autumn change happens, but we'll make do with what we've got. Since we don't really have any change of seasons here in Florida, I've decided to make my own little autumn season! Even if it's just in our home! So welcome to FALL y'all!

I've been inspired to decorate for fall by my Aunt in PA. Click here to visit her blog! I also like to visit the blogs she has listed on her sidebar. You've been warned though, you may get the itch to decorate something if you visit them too often! I know I did! I had to stop visiting them until we got our own house because I wanted to decorate so bad!

Yesterday I had a great time creating an autumn wreath for our front door. I thought the little scarecrows were adorable! So i had to put a family of them together to welcome people in!

The thing that started this fall theme was these adorable candles! A friend gave them to me and I just love them! Don't expect me to light them though, they're too cute!

The idea for the little pots that spell out a word came from The Feathered Nest.

I made mind to hold pumpkin scented votives and I put them on the mantel of over our fire place. I hope it gets cold enough this fall/winter to light a fire. If it doesn't we'll just turn the AC down really low so it's nice and cold inside and then we'll light one!

My mom and dad gave us the beautiful picture to hang over the fire place. It's perfect! The hammock looks so inviting...


Ashlee's Mommee said...

awww! it looks so warm and inviting! it's fun keeping up a house, isn't it! :)

Mrs. Rabe said...

I like the pots you made from Manuela's idea on her blog.

It is so fun to decorate for the seasons! And hey, thanks for the nice things you said!

Hope we can see each other soon, and let the boys play!