Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sweet Faces

Please don't laugh at me! I know I'm softy when it comes to little boys. Yeah, I'm the one who buys the last candy bars from the little boy scout standing out side the grocery store because I can imagine that if he were my little guy I'd want someone to support his efforts. Then there was the time another adorable boy scout was selling coupon books outside Gander Mountain... how could I tell him no? (so if anyone needs a coupon for Checkers or Daytona Lagoon let me know!) Why can't I look at them without seeing Elijah's face? I know how much i love my son and I know that each of them are someone else's sons and I wonder if they are taking the time to appreciate what they have in their little boys. To hug them and tell them they are loved. I know that so many children aren't getting that love at home and maybe that is why i want to encourage them even if it's just buying a candy bar!
Sorry, this wasn't supposed to be a "support your boy scouts" ad. Actually, I wanted to show you a picture of my little boy and his new toy...

I know he's still a little small for a big boy bike! But it was only $5.99 and had a blue horn and training wheels and everything! And you should have seen Elijah's face when he saw it! He can climb up on to it all by himself. Although his legs have a lot of growing to do before they can reach the peddles...

For now he has a blast blowing the blue horn and getting pushed around by mommy. (Boy was it hot yesterday!)
Apparently if you want to be anybody in this neighborhood you've got to have a bike. Up until yesterday we hadn't gotten to meet any of the other neighborhood kids. We didn't have the bike home more than a few hours yesterday when three kids came cruising up our driveway wanting to know who's bike that was. (they must have like a new bike radar or something!) So while they were admiring Elijah's new bike, Elijah was over admiring theirs! (i was beginning to feel a bit left out seeing as i didn't have a bike to show off! I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through my son =)


phil and shell said...

How Sweet! You're little boy is getting so big, so fast, Melissa!...and cuter with every photo you post - What a little personality! :0)

-miss you guys,

shelley and phil

Ashlee's Mommee said...

oh my word! that is sooo cute! i can't believe you found such a deal! that's awesome! :) garage sale or what? :)
hee hee...

wow... i can't believe he's nearly big enough for that already!

looks like he'll be a quick learner as well!!!! ahhh! scary stuff! ;)

Dave & Katie said...

That's so cute...love the pictures. We're doing great! Thanks for asking...the job is good...I missed working...and it's always nice to have some income for a change. =)

Alyssa said...

What a doll! :) Great pics! Thanks for stopping by my MOMYS blog. We live in WA! :)
Love, Alyssa