Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sea World

What a day we had yesterday at Sea World! As Nicole put it we had a "fun and scary and wet and hot day" It was a really HOT day but it was FUN because we got to do so many fun things like pet and feed the dolphins. SCARY because we went on The Journey to Atlantis ride with its big drop! WET because we got splashed by the dolphins and a little wetter on the Atlantis ride and soaked when we sat in splash zone during the Shamu show! Elijah wasn't too happy when the whales soaked us with 54 degree water. But he got over it pretty fast... and then it happened again! Poor kid!
As you can probably tell from the slide show we spent a good deal of our morning with the bottlenose dolphins. We totally loved being able to be so close to them we could pet them! We even got some fish and fed them! They are so beautiful and fun to be around. Maybe one day we will get to swim with the dolphins.

Nicole feeding the dolphins.

We were warned that we might get wet if we sat in the soak zone! They were right!

(slide show coming soon)

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Dave & Katie said...

Seaworld! Yes! I love that place...I think. Mom took me when I was little and she said I cried while they were trying to watch Shamu...it got so bad I had to leave! Bummer!