Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Greetings from the Emerald Isle

Hello! This is my first post from the other side of the Atlantic!

We are here at Granda's and Nana's house in Northern Ireland. I was a really great traveler coming over.
Our flight into JFK international airport from Orlando took forever to get to the gate then our flight to Dublin was delayed for 5 hours! Then once we got on the airplane it was another hour before we took off! In the airport I had a blast though running around and entertaining everyone. But as soon as we got on the last plane I fell asleep to mommy and daddy's delight. Then slept the whole way to Ireland! Mommy was glad i was sleeping but it was hard for her to sit still like that for so long without moving as i was sprawled out over her lap! It was an over night flight but she couldn't sleep because i was on her lap and she had to hold me to make sure i didn't slide off! When we got up to leave the people sitting behind us were surprised to see me! They didn't even know i was there until they saw my head pop up!

Auntie Rachel and Granda Charlie picked us up from Dublin and drove us up here to Killinchy. Auntie Rachel makes me laugh a lot. She's fun! I wasn't shy with them at all and took right to them. Granda Charlie took me out to see the calfs and chickens and I thought they were the greatest! Nana got daddy's crib out for me to sleep in. Daddy slept in it when he was a baby and now thirty years later it's my turn. I've been sleeping so good these last few nights. Last night I slept over 11 hours straight without waking up. At least mommy thinks i slept all that time without waking up because she didn't hear me but she was pretty much dead to the world by the time she got to bed last night. We've hardly stopped since we got here.

On Sunday we went to church and met lots of people. Yesterday we took the first boat over to Scotland to spend the day with Auntie Allison, Uncle Gavin and their 5 children. My cousins are great fun! I'll have pictures for you of them later. We had sword fights and played on the play ground until i was exhausted! I slept most of the way home and then had that long sleep last night.

It's really pretty today. The sun is shining and it's not cold but it's not hot either! Just perfect. I was out earlier looking for fish in the fish pond and playing with the dogs. I seem to really like animals of any sort. This afternoon mommy and daddy took Grannie out for coffee. Grannie is daddy's grandma so she's my great grandma. She is really nice but i won't sit still long enough for her to hold me much.

I guess that's all for now. I'll try to have pictures for you next time. The one up top isn't one of mommy's. She saw it online and thought it was really pretty and showed what Northern Ireland is like.
Love from,



Dave & Katie said...

Have a great time in Ireland, guys! We can't wait to see all the beautiful pictures you take.

Mrs. Rabe said...

I am so glad that everything went so well going over. Give the Gills our love! Tell them we remember them fondly!