Monday, April 09, 2007

DeLeon Springs

On Saturday daddy, mommy and I went to Deleon Springs with a group of people. Auntie Brittany and Patrick were down from Gainsville so we all met at the springs for breakfast. The restaurant in in the old sugar mill and they bring the batter but you cook your own pancakes on a griddle right there in the middle of the table!

Here's Auntie Brittany and Patrick.

Sherri and Jesse.
The next post will be pictures from their wedding.
Joe and Art. Two of Jesse's groomsmen and good friends.

Here's Leah and Sherri.
Leah was one of Sherri's bridesmaids.

After we ate we rented canoes and set off down the St. Johns river. The camera worked through breakfast but died when we wanted to take more pictures outside. So we don't have any pictures of us in our canoes. Jesse and Sherri bought me a little life vest just my size! I didn't like it at first and kept falling over when i tried to walk in it! Mommy and I had the easiest time of them all. We sat in the middle of the cane and Patrick and Brittany rowed us around! I fell asleep 10 minuets into the ride though and slept on the bottom of the canoe for most of the ride.

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