Friday, March 09, 2007

Little Explorer

I really enjoy being out doors! I just wander all around the yard picking up leaves and chasing the cats. Some times i help mommy water the plants and usually I'm soaking wet after that! But i don't mind, i love water! When it's time to go back inside i usually get mad and mommy has to carry me kicking and yelling into the house. Most of the time i need a bath after my adventures outside so mommy starts running the water in the tub and that makes me happy again!

We've got a praise! Daddy finally got his permanent residence card, a.k.a his green card! Yay! He applied for it after he and mommy got married in 2004 and it just came through a couple of weeks ago. You know what this means? It means daddy can leave the country now. It means we can plan a trip to Northern Ireland to visit our family! Now that is one long plane ride for a little guy like me. Yikes! (that was mommy there saying "yikes!") Don't worry mommy I'll be a good boy!

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It's Early and L!!!