Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 24th

Time for an update...
I'm walking now! I started walking a couple of weeks ago right after Jen was here. One day I just decided i didn't want to bother crawling anymore since i'd been practicing my walking so here i am tottering around. It still throws mommy off to see me come walking around the corner at her. Now there's no slowing me down! I'm eleven months and thirteen days old now and ready to take on the world! I can say Bye Bye and ma ma but nothing else is quite discernible yet. I'm still trying to get these grown ups to speak my language!
Since Daddy has the camera with him in Missouri I'll just add some older pictures. They're not actually that old, just from the beginning of the month.
Yeah daddy left yesterday for Missouri to do some storm clean up. His boss sent him and a crew up to work for a week or so. We miss him already! No big hugs when he comes home from work or snuggles when I'm sleepy. Mommy and I might go up next week if they are going to be working there a while. I hope so! That would be fun! We'd probably fly up there and it would be my first plane ride.

Here's Jen and Great Grandma Sherwood.

This is Sara and I when she came to visit back in December after Christmas.

And here's a random picture of me in my pjs...

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Dave & Katie said...

Can't believe Elijah's walking. How cool is that!?! Where in Missouri is Geoff working?