Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

December 30th

Auntie Crystal and Mommy took me to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa the Saturday after Christmas. We had a great time! Everything was still decorated for Christmas so it was really pretty. We could have done without the Christmas music though. =)

Mommy thinks I enjoyed watching the people and waterfalls more than the animals. I mean, the animals were fun to see and all but you didn't see much action from them... the people on the other hand were full of entertainment.

In the Africa section we saw elephants, giraffes, camels, zebras and lots of monkey... but no lions or hippos. (sorry Shelly!) We actually got really close to the giraffes because we could feed them so they came right up to us to see if we had any thing for them to eat. I got kind of grumpy around this time because i wanted to get down and walk but mommy wouldn't let me. I cheered up though when we met another baby while we were in line to the giraffes. It was his first time to the zoo too, just like me!

It was a warm day and by the end of our time I was really worn out! I almost went to sleep on Auntie's shoulder... until we walked by a waterfall and I perked right up again.

Check back soon to see pictures of my trip to the beach!


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Dave & Katie said...

Hey, I want to go to the zoo!