Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Baby's First Christmas

Christmas Morning...

We spent Christmas morning at my Auntie Crystal's in Tampa. She's a midwife and people do have babies even on Christmas day so she had to be on call. Lucky for us nobody went into labor so we got to enjoy Aunt Crystal all day long! Here i am opening my presents. I sure enjoyed tearing off the paper and chewing on the bows. My favorite thing was my stocking. I liked reaching way down and pulling things out. Great Grandma Day knitted me my own special stocking with my name on it!

I also had fun playing with the train set. My mommy grew up playing with it too! Every Christmas they would get it out and set it up under the christmas tree.

This outfit was from my family in Northern Ireland!
Thanks Grandad and Nana Gill!

Merry Christmas!

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