Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Have you ever seen it raining when the sun is out?
That means there's a rainbow some where!
"If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain!"
I had a great time at church playing with the toys there. It's not often I get to get down and play because someone is always holding me! I get passed around from one person to the next the whole time. It wears me out. I like the music and I can stay awake for that then I fall asleep for the sermon then I wake up right at the end. Mommy thinks I must have an internal alarm that wakes me up right at the end of the sermon. I can't miss the last song you know!

This is Leo. He's Ron and Beth's kitty.
We went to their house last week and I sure enjoyed myself! They brought out this great toy! A barrel of monkeys! That entertained me for a while then when i got bored with the monkeys I decided to go chase Leo around. I don't know why he got scared of me, i'm a friendly guy! He's quicker than I am so he got away.
Mommy just noticed this afternoon that i've got two more teeth coming in.
These ones haven't hurt me like the others have. That's 7 teeth now.

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Pp. said...

Such a nice idea, keep the present memories alive now! i wish you Elijah, a happy and full of love life, your family, as i can see, love you so much..
it felt so nice stoping by here..
Hi =)